Are there any items that I cannot store in your warehouse?

Although we work with the majority of consumer products, there are certain product groups that we do not store. This include, unpacked food items, frozen food, hazardous materials, guns or ammunition. If in doubt, simply contact us.

Are you inspecting each of my items when you receive them?

Yes. When receiving your shipments, our team inspects a portion of your merchandise (generally 10-20%). Should outer cartons arrive damaged on the outside of this carton all contents will be thoroughly inspected. Should you request that generally all of your arriving inventory is to be checked, please talk to your account manager, we can certainly accommodate this.

What happens once my inventory has arrived at your warehouse?

Once we have received your shipment, we will inspect the shipment and take a picture of the packaging. The content is then checked for quantities and items. Any discrepancies are noted and documented. Once this is done, you will receive a Received Delivery Report via email from us. The last step in the process is the storage of your merchandise. Now it is ready to be sold.

No Long Term Contracts

With eVolveFulfillment you do not have to worry about long-term contracts. We work on a month-to-month basis. No long-term contract, no risks, try us, you won`t want to

No Minimum or Maximum Limits

No matter how many orders you want us to process, there is no minimum or maximum limit. However, we will do our best to make the fulfillment process a satisfactory one. so
that you can concentrate on growing your business and profits.